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The Guyana Police Force is seeking the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions to determine how to proceed with charges against a teenaged schoolboy who was found in possession of an illegal firearm in his school bag during school hours last Friday.The schoolboy remains in police custody,Jerseys From China, assisting detectives with their investigations.A police source informed that the student is claiming that he found the weapon in his yard a week ago and kept it in his schoolbag.“He is still culpable because it was found in his possession,NFL Jerseys Sale,” the source told this newspaper.Kaieteur News understands that although the weapon,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, a .22 semi automatic pistol,Jim Thome Indians Jersey, was seized by the head master of a Lower East Coast Demerara school last Friday,Kris Jenkins Villanova Jersey, the matter was only brought to the attention of the police on Tuesday.According to the source the discovery was made by another student who went into the suspect’s bag and saw the weapon which had no rounds.


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