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After being constantly “called all sorts of distasteful names” by her friend’s former lover,cheap nfl jerseys online, a 28-year- old woman decided to confront her abuser. For her efforts she was shot in the leg after an argument ensued.On Friday last,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, about a stone’s throw away from the Latino Bar on Lime and Hadfield Street,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Ayanna Henry,Nick Castellanos Tigers Jersey, of Lot 4 Laing Avenue,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, was shot in her upper right thigh.Kaieteur News understands that on the night of the confrontation,Wholesale China Jerseys, Henry attended a party at the popular Bar in the company of a few of her friends.“When I came out of the bar I confronted him and I asked him why he always calling me names. He always calling me all sorts of nasty things so I decided to find out because I don’t beg him for a plate of food and I don’t say anything to him.“I just know him through my friend because he and she use to deal. He and I got into an argument after he couldn’t properly answer my question. I walked away and I was standing next to a car that was heavily tinted which wasn’t parked too far away from the bar.“He then went into his vehicle and came out asking my friend where is that cross. He then saw me and shot me in the leg. I was in a lot of pain and I got into a car and went to the hospital. He fled the scene after shooting me,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” related Henry.A nurse at Georgetown Public Hospital said that luckily,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, the woman’s wounds were not very serious and much tissue was not damaged. The bullet entered the front of the upper thigh and exited the back of her upper left thigh.A report was made at Alberttown Police Station and investigations into the matter have been launched.


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